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Miss Vietnam® Beauty Pageant Competition System
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Set a new benchmark and redefine the true meaning of Vietnamese Beauties.

   For the very first time ever in four decades, the most beautiful Vietnamese women from all over the world's continents will compete for the prestigious title(s) of being named with the following titles:

   These prestigious titles by Miss Vietnam® Organization (MVO) grants to the most qualify Vietnamese and well deserving individual with an appropriate title. The contestants will have a-once-in-a-life-time opportunity to develop personal growth, leadership, friendship and numerous invaluable experiences that will forever be remembered. This prestigious pageant system is a scholarship program which encourages young Vietnamese women to be academically motivated in higher education and inspires them to turn their dreams into reality. Most significantly, the MVN beauty pageant systems and network provides an arena for the contestants to interact with each other and to enhance their self-confidence and self-image, and to achieve their personal goals with diligence, intellect and elegance.

   The extravagant event(s) of the MVN aims to reunite all the Vietnamese communities from many parts of all the continents by promoting the beauty of Vietnamese and preserving the Vietnamese tradition and culture. The MVN gives us a glimpse into the many integrated cultures that surround our Vietnamese communities in each of the world. The MVN exists because of the dedication and commitment from our staff and volunteers, the participation from the lovely contestants and the endless support from all of our Vietnamese communities around the globe.

   Miss Vietnam
® Beauty Pageant System (MVN Beauty Pageant System) will set a new benchmark to internationally recognize the true beauty and intelligence of the Vietnamese. The committee hopes that the contestants will learn from this wonderful experience and will share it in their first and/or second homeland(s). We strongly believe this unique experience for the contestants will be a stepping-stone to all the contestants to further their leadership role in the world community. We hope the winning contestant will represent our Vietnamese community in world peace with grace, respect and honor.




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